nail services

Bella Mani Manicure (approx 45 mins) £18

A spa service for your hand and nails which consists of seaweed soak to soften cuticles and replenish moisture. Exfoliate with mango hand peel; this will lift dead skin cells creating healthier more radiant looking skin. Grape-seed hand anti oxidant oil will then reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Wheat-germ cuticle revitalising oil will nourish moisturise and protect the cuticles and promote the growth of natural nails. Moisturising with lavender environmental hand lotion with massage to heal, sooth and calm your skin from the damages of the sun and environment. Strengthening with Cuccio’s Forte nail strengtheners, the first with no formaldehyde or toluene, this will make the nails more pliable which will eliminate cracks and brittleness.

Any part of this manicure can be broken down for example if your nails are ok but the skin on your hands is dry & cracked you could just have the hand peel exfoliant or hand lift. Alternatively you could just go for the nail strengthening service which just concentrates on the nails.


Hand Peel Exfoliant (approx 10-20 mins) £10

Mango hand peel with alpha hydroxy acid creates a gentle exfoliation process by lifting dead cells from the skins surface creating healthier more radiant looking skin, followed by a hand and arm massage.


Hand Lift (approx 30 mins) £10

A non surgical lift for your hands which reduces the appearance of fine lines and leaves your hands feeling softer. This service consists of exfoliating then applying anti oxidant oil and wrapping in warm towels. Then finished with a hand massage.

Nail Strengthening service (approx 20 mins) £10

A treatment to strengthen your natural nails to allow you to grow long and strong nails naturally. The nails are soaked and cuticles removed and filed to shape, cuticle oil is then applied along with lotion and Forte strengtheners.


Post Extension service (approx 60 mins) £25

Artificial extensions soaked off gently and safely for (20-30 mins). Followed by a basic bella mani manicure.


File and polish (approx 30 mins) £8.50

Natural or artificial nails filed to desired length with polish of your choice. (available for fingers and toes).


File and French Polish (approx 30 mins) £10

Same as file and polish but French polished.


Bella Pedicure (approx 45 mins) £22

A relaxing pedicure to treat your feet to spa service which consists of sea fizz sanatising ball dissolved in warm water. The feet are then placed in and the toe nail is cut and filed, cuticles are then pushed back and exfoliant is then used to lift dead skin cells to creating healthier looking skin, cuticle oil is then massaged into nail and cuticle .Using a foot file the skin is smoothed and then massaged with a rich lotion.


Express Manicure £12

Express Pedicure £12


Nail Extensions and Overlay

Nail extensions are a method of increasing the length of the natural nail via various methods. First a tip is cut to extend the nail to suitable length and shape, this tip is then blended to the natural nail to give a seamless joint. Your new nail is then covered with a layer of strengthening product .e.g. gel or acrylic. Finally finished to a glossy shine which can be left natural or ready for a polish of your choice.


Gel extensions (approx 1hr 30) £35

Acrylic Nail extensions (approx 1hr 30) £35

2 week Infill (approx 1hr 15 mins) £18

3 week Infill (approx 1hr 20 mins) £20

4 week Infill (approx 1hr 30 mins) £22

Gel Overlay (approx 1 hr) £22

Gel Overlay (French) £25

Trendy Nail Wraps (Hands or Feet) £20

Temp Nails (approx 45 mins) £18

Nail Gems £0.25


Manicured nails in minutes that last for up to 10 days without chipping.

Gel Polish and Trendy Nail wraps by request.

Bridal packages.

Attitude Nail Lacquer.

High quality polishes and treatments available to purchase.

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